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CULTIVATING kindness, love, cooperation, and compassionate empathy IN PLACE OF vindictiveness, ruthless competition, and ‘us-versus-them’ thinking.

Human nature allows us to be kind and humane, but also extremely corrupt and cruel.
Cultures, the institutions of civilizations, largely shape how we express our emotions and instincts.
Improved institutions have to cultivate ethical emotions, behaviors and character in individuals. Most forms of governance, free markets, and a debt based economies controlled by financial institutions and large corporations have priorities other than humane conditions for all, including future generations.
Western governmental institutions hardly offer a viable model for Third World countries. People and organizations worldwide want/must cooperate in changing institutions in efforts to address.

  • Climate change and overpopulation
  • Unethical, shortsighted decision-making in governmental and private agencies of our civilizations
  • Destructive incentives of profit and greed driven economic institutions
  • All education, formal and informal, must aspire to universally replace ‘us-versus-them’ thinking with broad compassionate empathy HCW’s objective is that we, individuals and organizations who share similar goals, cooperate in working towards
  • A worldwide movement that studies and addresses recognized problems and pursues the goal of civilizations with humane conditions for all people and protection of the environment.
  • Creating plans, blueprints or model frameworks that are based on science and ethical principles and may guide peaceful reforms of economic systems, governments and other institutions of civilizations. The goal is that institutions bring the best qualities out of individuals.This draft presents a fairly comprehensive framework of proposed institutions: economic, social, governmental, etc. and an evaluation of ethical principles.
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HCW Presentation-Discussion: Humane Civilization Worldwide: Economic Institutions and Ethics
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