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2022 July: Short comments concerning recent news items:

The climate emergency: we are doing very little – there are no significant changes. Adding renewable energy to the still rising fossil fuel use is not slowing global warming. In the U.S., the belief in economic growth at any cost is hardly questioned, and our profit driven economy drives people to become super-consumers, even though our quality of life is deteriorating. People become indebted, more anxious, depressed, violent, addicted, etc. There is no compassion for the poor people who are suffering and dying now due to climate change.

All state medical boards have an obligation: they must see to it that physicians practice medicine and treat women compassionately according to medical standards, that physicians do not obey unconstitutional laws that order them to act according to religious beliefs of justices and extremist legislators and constitute practicing medicine without license.

The president and elected officials must put partisanship aside and make a declaration:
Many justices of the Supreme Court and lower federal courts are illegitimate. The Republican-led Senate had a duty to vet all Obama nominees and allow a vote in a timely manner. They were also obliged to properly vet Republican appointees; vetting must determine whether appointees are fair thinkers who are ethical and aware of data, sciences, and consequences of decisions, that they are not politically motivated ideologues, ruthless capitalists and/or ‘religious nuts.’ Regarding the constitutions, justices must understand that the thinking of the founders of the U.S. was limited by their white-male dominated culture, which accepted domestic violence, slavery, genocide, and people taking the law into their own hands. Justices must acknowledge that ‘our founding fathers’ had the wisdom to believe in the separation of religion and state and in progress – laws were to evolve.
The republican Senate leader should be impeached and many by Trump appointed justices must be dismissed. And senators who cheered rather than vetted insincere, dishonest ideologues must be censored.

The idea that Trump should not be prosecuted is outrageous: the laws apply to everybody. All who are guilty in the attempt to foil the transfer of power to the president-elect must be prosecuted and punished according to laws. If right extremists consider Trump a martyr and resort to violence again, we must jail them without the option of bond. The American judicial system has never been just, and there has been little soul searching as to what the mass incarceration of mostly black men did to the children of the poor. Letting Trump get away with his crimes would be the by far worst injustice.

Why are people who believe in the Big Lie rather than the Constitution, which regulates the transfer of power, eligible for office. How can Taylor-Green serve when she is obviously delusional, addicted to conspiracy theorizing and believing in the Big Lie? Which countries do these people think have a more reliable system of election than we?

2022 April:  Re polls and discussions of polls in the media:

Polls need to ask about the relevant questions other than what party is better re. the economy, crimes, immigration, etc.
People need to question themselves – and should be asked:
Whom do they trust to tell the truth and at least make efforts to work for the people, not for themselves and/or the rich and powerful?
Whom do they trust to save this fragile democracy, when there is a clear danger to slip towards autocratic governance?
The climate crisis being the most relevant issue of this time, what party do they trust more to work in the right direction, slowing global warming? If nothing gets done, whom should be blamed: the administration’s agenda or obstructionism by politicians who are mostly Republicans?

Polls, and discussions of polls in the media influence people: if polls indicate that a majority thinks Republicans do better on several important issues (crime, economy, immigration, etc.) people may feel confirmed in their own judgments, and forget, push mentally aside, that in many other even more important issues, Democrats appear to do a much better job.

2022 April 23

Letter to climate activists and anybody who cares about our future, the future of poor people, of our children.

Dear friends, citizens of this world:
Please review this note, let others know about these efforts – donate to Humane Civilization Worldwide, – become a member. We are a unique organization that meaningfully deals with the extraordinary crisis of our world.
Heinz Aeschbach, MD, Walter Aeschbach, MD

The answer to the climate crisis is not rocket science, it is more like a jigsaw puzzle. Why do we not see people identify the pieces, put them together, and look at the emerging picture. As the picture becomes clear, everybody has an ethical obligation to work on moving the needle of progress – developments must be redirected in a comprehensive way, asap!
Here a few puzzle pieces of readily available knowledge:
– We are moving full-speed towards a very dangerous zone of compounding, unpredictable vicious cycles with probable points-of-no-return. Global warming is likely to spin out of control before carbon neutrality is reached. Without radical changes, unimaginable suffering is all but certain. Why do climate scientists and politicians focus on the pursuit of inadequate, elusive goals rather than stating that present goals present an absolutely unacceptable risk? CO2 levels are already as high as millions of years ago and rising at the most rapid rate ever. There is no place for complacency and optimism.
– Progressive non-profit organizations, groups that pursue sustainability, and NGOs that are concerned about the future of the earth must support each other and present as a united agency. Organizations that represent at best a few percent of the population will be essentially ignored by politicians.
– If we continue to move towards unprecedented catastrophes that will affect most poor and younger people, what are all the well-intentioned NGOs and organizations expecting to accomplish? If there are no radical changes: does it really make sense to save poor children, help people hit by floods, storms, or wars? Why protect the habitats of endangered species while there is an impending mass extinction? Etc.
– If people do not understand the extreme dangers and have no awareness of alternatives to present developments, they will not demand the specific needed changes, which corporations and politicians do not even consider and will likely resist. The people, climate activists and all citizens who are concerned about our children’s future must demand the restructuring of our destructive industries and institutions. Industrial production was rapidly revamped during WWII – even more decisive changes are possible and necessary today!
– For for-profit financial institutions and industries, climate change will never be the first priority – they cannot do what is needed. We must limit lending by the financial institutions that create and allocate much of the circulating money supply. Governments must create new money to fund the public-private partnership nonprofit enterprises that will enact the restructuring.
– We cannot rely on a piecemeal approach, good examples of sustainability rarely spread and never fast enough. Decisive actions by governments are needed, working with known technologies while developing more.
– Why are people not concerned about the direct heating of the environment by human activities? Densely populated regions of highly industrialized areas are much hotter than they should be: nuclear and conventional power plants and solar farms create 2-4 times more heat than electricity, and all the energy used for construction, manufacturing, heating, cooling, etc. heats the surface structures and atmosphere, usually also increasing air humidity which is a greenhouse gas. Etc.
– We all know of rail lines, high-speed and light-rail down to the size of trains in amusement parks. We can build a comprehensive rail system that contributes a fraction of greenhouse gases compared to our trucks, cars, airplanes, etc. And we know that our factories can build ultra-light electric vehicles, two to four-wheel vehicles up to the size of small station wagons. All light vehicles can be built with wood and bamboo. Even high-rise buildings can be constructed with cross-laminated timber instead of aluminum, steel and concrete, sequestering carbon rather than releasing much CO2. (If concrete has to be used, it should be carbon-cured)
– Obviously we must reform agriculture and land management, adapt mostly plant-based diets, plant much bamboo and over a trillion trees, culture algae, protect and enhance wetlands; also water-log plant material and sink it into the sea, etc.
– To protect people during the massive needed transition and economic disruption, a guaranteed income and a good safety-net is needed. If changes are meaningful and essentially everybody participates, people will readily accept simpler, healthier, more relaxed and happier lifestyles.

CLIMATE ACTIVISTS SHOULD DEMONSTRATE with signs that are specific as to what has to change – most climate scientists and politicians do not look at the whole picture. Signs may read:
We must halt global warming within years, not decades – living, simpler, healthier and happier.
– Lending by financial institutions must be severely limited
– Governments must tax all energy use, highly tax all greenhouse gas releases; establish guaranteed incomes and improved ‘safety nets.’
– Governments must create new money for large public-private partnership nonprofit enterprises, which will
transform industries and agriculture; plant bamboo and over a trillion trees.
buildi trains: high speed and light rail, mostly narrow track (100cm and less), and ultra-light electric vehicles.
use mostly wood and bamboo for buildings, rail cars, light vehicles, etc., minimizing the use of cement, steel and aluminum.
The mission of the organization Humane Civilization Worldwide (HCW) is to work towards humane, sustainable civilizations by creating and continuously improving blueprints or model frameworks of economic, political, and other societal institutions, and by providing relevant education. Guiding principles are sciences, an understanding of human nature, and ethics, most importantly broad compassionate empathy without us-versus-them thinking.
The organization makes efforts to involve many people and organizations who agree at least in part or in principle with the goals of HCW. Since the world’s leaders have failed to take effective steps towards halting catastrophic global warming, addressing the climate crisis has become a high priority of HCW.


2022 March 9  Re. Ukraine: Please contact your representative, senators, and the White House:  Vladimir Putin should be prosecuted for war crimes – but, more importantly, we must warn Russian generals and lower officers, by radio, social media, and otherwise, that they will also be held responsible and prosecuted, if they follow orders to commit war crimes or order war crimes themselves – and there is no amnesty.  they may be prosecuted when Putin is no longer in power.


  • Healing the planet – healing our society
  • Haltig global warming within years, not decades – living healthier and happier.

Immediate goals include:

  • Restructuring financial institutions, severely limiting lending.
  • Transforming industries and agriculture; planting bamboo and over a trillion trees.
  • Establishing guaranteed incomes and improved ‘safety nets.’
  • Creating new money for public-private partnership nonprofit enterprises.
  • Building trains: high speed and light rail, mostly narrow track (100cm and less), and ultra-light electric vehicles
  • Using mostly wood and bamboo for buildings, light vehicles, wind turbine towers, etc., minimizing the use of cement products, steel and aluminum.
  • Recognizing pathological consumerism, conspiracy theorizing and addiction to wealth and power as mental disorders that must be addressed.
  • Recognizing and decreasing local “heat bubble effects”: solar panels and power stations produce much more heat than electricity, all energy use becomes heat, and the heated air holds more water vapor, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.

We must save energy in every way possible, decrease consumption, live more naturally and ethically, eat mostly plant-based food, etc.


You-tube presentations
Forum/discussion, Austin Friends Meeting 1/9/2022 on Ethics and Climate Change

This presentation was planned as discussion among Quakers in our Meeting House; because of Covid, it was held as a Zoom meeting. I did not know of the plan to put it on you-tube but had no objections – nothing was edited. I hope I did not insult any person or group with what I stated.
Further shorter you-tube presentations, hopefully together with my twin brother and with some texts, maybe also a little piano music, are planned but not close to execution.


2022, February 2

Info-advertisement by Drawdown Labs

a program of project drawdwon, NYT 2/1/2022 (
The project Drawdown established a valuable list of ways to reduce greenhouse gases / global warming. They published the book (Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming edited by Paul Hawken 2017). It became New York times bestseller. Their website has been very informative.
Sadly, in terms of end result, it accomplished nothing. Since its publication, projects that increase greenhouse gases by far outweigh projects that decreased energy consumption and that created renewable energy.
The advertisement states “We have the solutions to the climate crisis – federal policy and investment will help rapidly bring them to scale – Businesses across sectors call on Congress and the White House to ACT NOW. signed by 25 corporations
I read the book – some issues have been missed – but most importantly: we do not have the time to slowly introduce these changes and we must not trust for-profit industries and our financial system. For industries, profits always create huge conflicts of interest, and we know how most always deceived, lied, exploited. The concepts of economic growth must be revised – we need to change the economy, first halting most production, not grow it. A focus on basic needs and guaranteed incomes will prevent misery.
Our research at Humane Civilization Worldwide indicates: there is only one way to prevent climate disasters from getting more destructive and deadly year after year for several decades: THE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND THAT GOVERNMENTS MINIMIZE LENDING BY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND THAT GOVERNMENTS FORM PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS ENTERPRISES to immediately enact projects we know will minimize CO2 releases and increase carbon sequestration. The enterprises realizing the projects should be non-profit, meaning they have to reinvest all profits in expansion, research and development, education, and/or in other nonprofit enterprises.


February 2022

On technological progress:

Opinion writers sometimes hope that technological progress will save the earth, relying on “Father Profit” and risk-taking entrepreneurs, as Thomas Friedman wrote in his November 17 2021 NYT column Want to Save the Earth? We Need a Lot More Elon Musks.
We must all be clear: complex new technologies, like fusion power plants, cannot be quickly developed and ‘up-scaled’ to solve a world-wide problem. First, we must save energy and resources and rely on technologies we have and can quickly be expanded and further developed.
We must be aware: all energy production also creates heat, usually 3-5 times more heat than electricity, and all energy we use is transformed into heat. Hot air and warm cooling water mean more humidity and often less clouds during the hot parts of the day. Humidity is a greenhouse gas that traps heat, and if clouds form at night, they also trap the local warmth. Many densely populated areas already are or will become extremely hot, with much higher temperatures and often also humidity than surrounding areas.
We need to broadly apply known technologies and upscale new simple invention; examples
building trains, high-speed and light-rail narrow track
developing, producing, and broadly using many types of ultra-light electric vehicles
transferring to mostly vegetarian diets,, such as
producing and applying extremely reflective white paint
planting bamboo and trees, some for use as building materials
minimizing the use of cement, aluminum, and steel,
minimizing or forbidding the waste of electricity/computing resources in data-gathering and bitcoin.
Everybody should know: CAPITALISM DOES NOT WORK – it is the principle reason for the climate crisis. Profits drove progress; good leadership could have done the same.(The rapid development of Corona vaccines was not as much a result of corporate ingenuity; it resulted from work at universities and a public-private partnership; then the crime of patents prevented quick access to the vaccines in poor countries, and the Republicans, who under Trump were proud of the accomplishment consequently sabotaged the widespread use of the vaccines in the USA – the goal appeared to be damaging the reputation of the Democratic administration). Profits always create conflicts of interests that lead far too often to unethical behaviors – lying, deceiving, cheting, exploiting (people and nonrenewable resources), reckless polluting, fraud, corruption, even homicides; and capitalism relies on continuous economic growth – instead of more production, people must move to more sensible production and consumption, enjoy more natural lives, more personal contacts, more beauty and free time, etc. Capitalism has been successful in fostering widespread addictive consumption, computer-related gambling, and addiction to wealth and power; in addition, conservative people seem particularly vulnerable towards becoming addicted to conspiracy theorizing – everything looks so good and simple when following conservative, ultra-right news feeds – all problems seem solved!

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