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Organization of   Activists for Sustainable, Humane Civilizations NOW  –  pursuing radical, ethical reforms based on extensive studies. 


Humane Civilization Worldwide (HCW) grew out of our lifelong pursuit to understand what is important in people’s  lives and what guides people’s emotions and behaviors. We, Aeschbach,W.andH., psychiatrists, identical twin brothers, are the founders of HCW.

HCW is working on comprehensive plans and blueprints for model economic, political, educational and other institutions which bring the best out of human nature, promote humane cultures, and protect the environment, based on studies of relevant research about human behaviors, ethology, cultures, functioning of the brain, ecology, etc. HCW seeks to improve institutions, since institutions influence people’s character and behaviors more powerfully than inborn factors and moral teachings; institutions largely create the cultural environments that influence or shape the expressions of the instinctive-emotional system including addictive potentials, and also ethical and compassionate behaviors. Our goal is to spread knowledge and to initiate a movement. (Our website [previously humane-civilization.org] was started long before incorporating as an educational non-profit organization.)

Presently, the climate crisis demands extraordinary efforts – much more radical changes are needed than what has been discussed and planned.


The mission of the organization Humane Civilization Worldwide (HCW) is to work towards humane, sustainable civilizations by creating and continuously improving blueprints or model frameworks of economic, political, and other societal institutions, and by providing relevant education. Guiding principles are sciences, an understanding of human nature, and ethics, most importantly broad compassionate empathy without us-versus-them thinking.
The organization makes efforts to involve many people and organizations who agree at least in part or in principle with the goals of HCW. Since the world’s leaders have failed to take effective steps towards halting catastrophic global warming, addressing the climate crisis has become a high priority of HCW.


HCW founders Aeschbach,W.andH., and
principal author of the HCW website, HAe

We, Aeschbach, W.andH., identical twin brothers, Swiss-American psychiatrists, were born in Zurich (1946) and raised in a town close to Zürich, Switzerland. We attended primary school in Adliswil and then the public preparatory school Gymnasium Freudenberg, Kantonsschule Zürich that taught sciences and humanities. Then we studied medicine at the University of Zurich. During the time at the preparatory school we played viola in the school orchestra, practiced extensively the piano, and attended classes at the Musik Akademie Zürich, earning a federal diploma as a piano teacher. After graduating from medical school, we moved to Texas and completed a residency program in psychiatry at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas (1972-1975).
HAe subsequently treated mostly opioid addiction-multiple diagnosis patients; most opioid use disorder patients also have psychiatric disorders, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder and related anxiety disorders, and mood disorders; some also have chronic pain syndromes.
In 1982 HAe founded an addiction treatment clinic. Our clinic offers broader services than most similar entities, also addressing general psychiatric disorders, pain management, and addictions other than substance abuse. He did some retrospective research but also researched and developed childbirth preparation classes for his patients. Cognitive stress management, relaxation, meditation, and self-hypnotic techniques apparently greatly decrease likelihood and/or severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) in methadone maintenance patients (some on high dosages). The conclusion is that in NAS maternal stress hormones appear as significant as the opioids. Sample numbers were small; the findings were only published in one letter to the editor and in this website.
HAe started this website much earlier than our incorporation, previously it was humane-civilization.org. The organization grew out of the HCW founders’ lifelong pursuit to understand what is important in people’s lives and what guides people’s emotions and behaviors. Their goal is to spread knowledge and foster a movement with the goal to improve society’s institutions. Our conclusions, based on observations and broad anecdotal evidence: institutions influence people’s character, thinking, and behaviors more powerfully than inborn factors and moral teaching. Additionally, it is self-evident that writing and “preaching” does not change the majority of a population – different, better institutions will.
The founders are mostly self-educated with regards to the issues that relate to HCW’s work. Since before medical school both had read much about ethology (research of animal and human behaviors, such as findings of Konrad Lorenz, Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, etc.,) anthropology, primate research, psychology, brain research and neuro-sciences. They made particular efforts to understand the influence of economic systems and institutions on people’s character, behaviors, and on cultural developments. HAe has been particularly interested in economics and the nature of money in an “ideal” economy, ways to prevent individuals and countries from getting into debt-traps, and how to avoid recessions and depressions. HAe has thought much about how poor economies should be able to improve without repeating the mistakes of Western- and Soviet-style economies. For instance, I felt it was wrong for economists to assume that India and Bangladesh (and also the Soviet Union) had to go through similar stages of development as Western countries, rather than directly learning from most advanced economies and copying or re-inventing modern devices and products. Gunnar Myrdal expressed that India was hardly making progress, that there was little hope for poor countries to ever catch up with modern economies; however, most economists did not seem to recognize that it is much easier to re-invent and improve what is known to be possible than to figure out what kind of research may bring valuable results. A people can “jump” within one generation from Stone Age to modernity, and the failure of the top-down Soviet economic system is no indication that capitalism holds the only viable form of economic development (we know of course that the Soviet Union was very successful in its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and its development of a space program – most scientists and inventors are employees, not entrepreneurs, and they should never depend on venture capital or politically motivated funding of university laboratories).
WAe studied more neurosciences and brain research including the works of Joseph E. LeDoux and Antonio Damasio.
Also important for our studies are thinkers that have interpreted developments in novel ways, including  James Martin, Steven D. Levitt, Bill Bryson, Steven Pinker, Malcolm Gladwell, Yuval Noah Harari, Jared Diamond; and researches in the fields of biology, evolution, and neurosciences.

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  1. Very interesting. I’m a retired grassroots organizer that has been consulting for large scale renewable energy projects, mostly in the NE, PA, MI. International developers hire me to help gain public support for the solar and wind power industry. Not so easy. People are incredibly confused and the messages they accept are those that impact them directly. Few care about “climate change” but everyone cares about taxes, gas and food prices. I’m seeing a great divide that is cult-like and those that are on the fence simply do not care to get involved. The problems we face with destroying mother earth are too far removed from most people who are more interested in football games. The opposition to clean energy choices are typically loud and abusive while the majority are silent. We need to find ways for everyone on every side of the political spectrum to come together and clean up our acts. I really like the way your website is set up, but doubt those that are in small towns of the USA will read through it. We need a campaign to ignite the public to holds hands for all of us to enjoy what’s left of earth’s resources, handled with care and compassion. Thank you for doing this. I founded a non-profit that is educating the public about solar energy. Its call United Solar Energy Supporters. Website is below

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